Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marshall Scott at CCM

Guest artist Marshall Scott of Western Kentucky University took the Trumpet Studio Class today at CCM. Playing really cool flugelhorn and classy intimate jazz, he and his terrific accompanying guitarist played several original tunes, spoke about the business and took questions.

Scott is accomplished in classical as well as jazz playing. If we were to take a peek at his music stand back in his home studio, we would find music the likes of Scarlatti, Beethoven, Holst, Haydn, Charlier, Arban, Sousa, as well as dozens of charts for gigs, and musicals, and everything else trumpet. Call him Professor Versatile. His hat rack surely has many pegs, and his Kentucky license plate ought to read "PLAZALL"!

Mr. Scott is an experienced and versatile musician who teaches as well as he plays. His resume includes working at Interlochen and in other positions where he gained valuable experience teaching students of other brass instruments. Commenting after a student's nice playing of a Concone study, Marshall offered good suggestions on shaping, vibrato and tone. The quick fix worked yet one more time. Buzzing the mouthpiece for clarity always yields the results of more resonance, better tone and pitch center.

Marshall is a humble, down-to-earth musician who loves what he is doing. It was a pleasure to hear him in the all-to-brief hour allotted.

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