Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Tisn't the Season

"What, me work?!" That's the mindset that tends to accompany these warm weather months. Oh to have a conservatory in Iceland where the grass is browner, the snow is deeper, and the outdoor distractions aren't!

Productive practice should be unaffected by weather, moods, or environment. We function well when we can put aside the many external and internal issues that discourage daily work. Consider yourself a year-round practice robot who consistently does what is needed regardless of obstacles.

It would help if we were as dumb as the trumpet! (No comments needed). The trumpet scolds us: "Would you please just play without all of the drama! Blow, slur and tongue. How hard is that?"

Of course this is ideal and not real. A variety of interferences are daily in attack mode and seek to prevent us from performing our basic chores. It is encouraging to remind ourselves that basic maintenance is not dependent on feeling like it. Quality playing can still happen even when you're uninspired, tired, angry, depressed, or distracted. Consider each of these intrusions to be perfect training for life on the job. Conquer them now, or they will conquer you later.


Anonymous said...

Actually Iceland is warm and lovely in the summer. The white nights make for lots to do inside and outside at night. I once played golf on the northernmost 18 whole golf course in the world - starting at 10pm and taking a brief break to watch the sun set and rise again. ... Greenland on the other hand is probably much like you imagine.

Phil Collins said...


Well said. I stand corrected. No slight was intended for Iceland. A little climate homework on my part would have been wise.

I failed to mention how those bitter cold winters in Rochester, N.Y. were the most productive months of the year. Many of us liked that kind of weather and our studies thrived in that environment.