Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Distinctive!

MIDNIGHT RHYTHM by Leonid Afremov

This could be your deal-breaker at the next audition! Our hidden microphone reveals the committee's exuberant reactions to your playing: "This candidate is amazing! A rock star, a monster! Nobody else even comes close! How soon is this person available?"

That's the response we strive for. Don't just try to survive a performance ordeal with minimal wounds. Grab their attention. Go for it. Be distinctive!

One of the easiest ways to win votes is arguably more impressive than sound, style, dynamics or articulation. Even a flawless showing will not be effective without this fundamental element of music. The good news is that it can be practiced endlessly with no pain and all gain. You can improve this skill without ever picking up your instrument. It can be practiced while behind the wheel, bored in class, shoveling snow, or when lounging in a sauna. It's RHYTHM, that sturdy framework without which boredom sets in like gangrene.

Rhythm is the last thing you want to be conjuring up just before you play. It must become automatic and consistent. A good sense of rhythm provides stability, energy, and order. Rock-solid rhythm makes great ensembles great. It is also contagious, giving the feeble strength, the insecure confidence, and the hesitant boldness. It shares generously, but it also greatly benefits the one possessing it. Who needs a metronome!

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