Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brandenburg, anyone?

Thought this trumpet player's first performance of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2. would be of interest. Julian Kaplan is a student of Mark Clodfelter at UK in Lexington, and is playing with the Lexington Bach Consort. Here is some very nice playing on one of the most difficult pieces most students never tackle - so good, he gets applause after the first movement. The third was also well done. The editing meister would love your playing - very little for him to do! Bravo, Julian!

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Charlie Johnson said...

Hi Phil -
Just found your blog on the the CSO link while following the tour and this guy in Lexington did a GREAT job on the Brandenburg. What strikes me now, at our age and removed from the "fight" is that he did such a great job and I bet there were only 50-100 people in that church to hear him play. I could be wrong, but the satisfaction comes from within and the musical value is the moment. Too bad that 500-1000 or more didn't hear it and were knowledgeable about how difficult the piece is for trumpet. All the best. Charlie J.