Saturday, April 12, 2008

Multi-tasking the Warm up

Looking for something more challenging to add to your warm up? Alright, how about ingraining some finger memory into your opening routine? Pick a key, any key. That's your key for the day for each of the following items, all two octaves: SCALES (major, minor - three forms, chromatic, whole-tone), ARPEGGIOS (major, minor, diminished 7th, augmented).

Requirement #1 - fingering secure at all speeds
Requirement #2 - play evenly with good tone, tongued and slurred
Requirement #3 - don't look or sound fatigued

Tomorrow you get to pick another key! For those not digitally challenged, try leap-frogging scales in thirds. Same idea for the arpeggios. Pause to rest. It's supposed to be a warm UP.

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