Thursday, July 22, 2010

Health Care

Two key components to your success are you and your horn. Taking good care of business requires consistent maintenance of both. We often pay more attention to the condition of the trumpet than to the condition of the trumpet player. Being in good physical condition alone won't give us a high A in the Brandenburg, but being in shape definitely helps as we train. We might as well give ourselves an edge.

Here are two simple suggestions for improving the person behind the mouthpiece during these summer months. Considering that we make the music, and the body delivers it, let's hone both. Why not consider this summer as basic training for the fall and winter schedule? We're talking better health and a better message. Let's do a bunch of two-a-days, or more. Get a good head start before the games begin. That freight train of demands arrives just after Labor Day, so get ready.

Think ahead. You've got placement auditions, ensembles, lesson requirements, recital prep, all squeezed between a few too many classes. Oh, and having time and energy for a life also matters. We want to improve the tone of body and soul. Our target: decent athletic shape and great musical intentions, both quite doable but not without some discipline.

Prescribe for yourself your own regimen of daily physical exercise along with generous dosages of inspiring music. Do what is needed for you to function at your best. Control the body, keep the musician inspired, and you're good. Basically, listen and work out. Have a lot to say on your horn, and be organized enough to make it obey. Control of appetites just might help control of trumpet! Ignore your health (physical and musical), and it will go away.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matching Classics

Match the song or lyric with the classical work:

1. Ring ringa-linga o.
2. My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer m.
3. Boom, whatcha do to me! n.
4. I'll be seeing you l.
5. Catch a Falling Star i.
6. A Groovy Kind of Love g.
7. Beach Baby d.
8. Good-bye, Cruel World h.
9. Hello, Muddah a.
10. Uptown Girl f.
11. I Can't Help Falling in Love b.
12. Alone at Last c.
13. All by Myself e.
14. Stranger j.
15. Lassie's Theme k.

a. Dance of the Hours - Ponchielli
b. Plaisir d' Amour - Martini
c. Piano Concerto #1 - Tchaikowsky
d. Symphony #5 - Sibelius
e. Piano Concerto #2 - Rachmaninnoff
f. Bolero - Ravel
g. Rondo from Sonatina in G - Clementi
h. Entrance of the Gladiators - Fucik
i. Academic Festival Overture - Brahms
j. Polovtsian Dances - Borodin
k. Faust - Gounod
l. Symphony #3 - Mahler
m. Estudiantina Valse - Waldteufel
n. Espana Rhapsody - Chabrier
o. String Quartet #2 in D - Borodin