Friday, June 21, 2013

Eyes Closed

Here's a non brilliant idea for your practicing during these summer dog days. You might find it useful. Close your eyes and just play. No books needed, just a good supply of musical imagination and your passion for playing. Get out of the practice studio, at least in your mind, and play what's on your heart.  How long has it been?

A constant connect with the printed page can result in a too-well-thought-out performance, not that that is a bad thing.  For a change however, try the blindfold approach. Listen rather than watch.  Feel rather than follow.  Create rather than be totally captive to the black and white page.

Go somewhere with your trumpet.  Don't be confined to four walls and a boring study book.  Think movie soundtrack, nightclub trumpet solos, studio recording.  Imagine your picture on the cover of your own solo album!  Whatever you would expect to hear, do it.  Why wait for money and fame.  Go for it now as you practice.  Do it often. Your message will be noticed. Close your eyes and play.