Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making Your Entrances Grand

There's nothing like a clear precise cutting edge! Surgeons and butchers do it. Why not trumpeters? Great entrances are everything. Why do we so often stumble onto the musical stage and mar the beginning of what often turns out to be a great phrase? Focus maybe? (Obviously we'd prefer the cut of a skilled surgeon to that of some hack butcher, but still, the job gets done by both with confidence and accuracy.)

Consider an unfriendly game of darts with the smallest board you ever saw! It's only as big as the bulls eye since all other scores are unacceptable. So, simply muster all the concentration you can. Then, carefully aim that sharp jabber at your tiny target. Placement is everything, hit or miss, so go for it. One and only one perfect shot will do.

Have you heard about the new game at the bowling ally? You are allowed only one ball per frame! Leave any pins standing and you lose. 300 or zip.

Baseball relief pitchers are wanted who only throw strikes. Fling just one out of the strike zone and you're ejected on the spot. No balls!

Fencing match finals: there's no long sword-clattering for ten minutes in this game. You must insert only one piercing strike to the heart of your opponent, and you win! Any misplaced poking, and you're disqualified.

Now back to the stage. It's your cue. Your own grand entrance is about to happen. The glare from the lights and the podium comes your way, and down comes the baton. It's all nails! No second cracks at it. Now, ready, aim, and make that spectacular entrance! Generous pay and applause await your performance. Fire!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Weekend Special

Pops Orchestra - Trumpet 1 book is chock-full of romantic original songs you can play for your Valentine. Turn down the stage lights, grab your flugelhorn or B flat trumpet, step close to the mic, and sing away. Cantabile espressivo always works nicely, especially now. Think Spring, passion and romance. Step away from the practice room and serenade your special listener. This book is just the therapy needed for cold and gloomy winter days.

Regular price for all books, Trumpet 1, 100 Trumpetudes, and Piccolo Trumpet Studies, is $20. From now until midnight February 14th, the price of each book is reduced to a lovely $15.00 with free mailing! PayPal: enter and your books are immediately in the mail for your special moonlight serenade.