Wednesday, April 04, 2007

No More Practicing!

One needed paper and pencil to capture all that Joe Burgstaller presented in his outstanding masterclass the other day at UC. Just one of the many memorable ideas and concepts shared was his admission: "I never practice." Immediately our brains were trying to compute that one. Then he followed by saying that he "only performs." What a great way of looking at our day! Even "practice" time can be reinvented when we consider it to be "performance" time!

What's the problem with practice? Nothing, if its purpose is performing. When we perform, the mindset should be playing for keeps, entertaining the listeners and having fun while doing the music. Practicing however, can easily be so problem-oriented that the nearest ER is soon jammed with trumpet students striken with "paralysis through analysis." So the goal before us is how to maintain a performance focus while still giving attention to developing the vital mechanics of trumpet playing. And that remains the music school question of the ages!

If that dilemma could be adequately addressed, then the marketplace would be saturated with thousands of highly qualified and continually motivated soloists. But then again there would not be enough jobs for all of us heros. There would simply be too many great trumpet players for one world to contain! The public would soon become board with so much brilliance and lose interest. But I digress.

Getting back to our question of creative productivity on a daily basis, let's begin by placing ourselves on stage, free, relaxed, and energized by the fun of the mission we are on! And that is performing music. Let's not forget it. How about something that will take some time and adjusting, but will be well worth the effort? How about down with "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT", and up with "PERFORMING MAKES PERFECT!"

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