Thursday, September 06, 2007

More than a Musician

The loss of one of the great singers of all time says it all, almost. Luciano Pavarotti dead at 71. The sound of that voice, the passion, strength and all that has been well said about him for decades, is over. If all that he left was his fabulous musical talent, that would have been enough. But what also endeared him to audiences, musical and non, was who he was.

It is hard to imagine him having enemies. Who could not like him? Even when sharing the solo stage with other singers, he seemed at ease with that. He seemed to be in a select group of musicians comfortable and likable on late night TV. Call it personality, genuineness, absence of self-absorption, interest in and love for others. He was also committed to sharing his gifts, coaching and mentoring other singers.

Long after our notes have evaporated, our reputation lingers. Life is more than the concert stage - a lesson often overlooked. It appeared that his life was bigger than his musical talent. Because of that, he is much loved, greatly admired, and will continue to be sadly missed.

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