Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Going to See the Wizard

What does a lion, a tin man, a scarecrow and a brass player have in common? Give up? Whatever their needs, surely they will be met by a Wonderful Wizard. Even Dorothy eventually received her request, and was somewhat surprised at the simplicity of the answer.

Brass-playing students are granted entrance to The Emerald University, all in search of their needs. Busily hastening about, they search for that which is missing, those techniques and talents for which they have been deemed deficient. Surely some Wizard will eventually bestow a certificate of valor upon them, and pronounce them fit for whatever journeys lie ahead.

The four year trek through E.U. is no easy assignment. Fraught with frightening forces full of failure, the days can get quite dreary. Wicked witches of discouragement, intimidation, and fear have been known to render inept and unfit many young would-be men and women of brass (and silver). Although they usually enter valiantly, they often exit void of that which they never really lost, like the cowardly lion.

Who can take away that which lies within a man? No one. The only weapon of those wicked witches is their lies and deceptions. They scream at us in our thoughts: "That which you need, you've never received. You don't have what it takes to succeed in this business. Look at all the others. You don't compare to them. Your tonguing stinks. YOU, your range is lousy. And YOU, my pretty! You will have that stage fright for the rest of your life. NO ONE will hire you! Give up. You'll NEVER get out of Kansas! Hahahaha . . . !"

We need to see that the elements of success are internal. They are there, and they always were there. They just need feeding, the right nourishment, generous encouragement, and time to mature. You already have all you need: COURAGE, HEART, and a BRAIN. You are free to use them as much as you wish.

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