Friday, February 22, 2008

Pops or Not?

Matching quiz (result of too many pops concerts and way too much free time):

1. "Jaws" answer: c
2. "Oh, Canada" answer: g
3. "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" answer: f
4. ESPN Theme answer: b
5. "I'll be Seeing You" answer: a
6. "Sleigh Ride" answer: h
7. "Buglers' Holiday" answer: e

a. Mahler's Third Symphony (clue: last movement)
b. Charlier's Solo de Concour (clue: very opening)
c. Dvorak's New World Symphony (clue: opening of last movement)
e. Britten's Young Person's Guide (clue: you don't need one)
f. Mahler's Ninth Symphony (clue: it's slow, can't miss it)
g. Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto (clue: first movement)
h. ESPN Theme (clue: giddy-up!)

Note: 4. and h. don't match

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Will you post the answers? I'm not familiar with some of the pops tunes you mention. I know 2 answers I think, 1-c and 7-h? The rest would require digging through my CD's, although that still wouldn't help with I'll be seeing you or tico tico. Great blog, please keep the posts coming.