Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Posted Notes

Busy today with no time to carve out a "decent" practice session? Here's a touch-and-go list of items. Better to visit each one briefly rather than let them slip. Remember that although you are rushed, your playing does not have to be sloppy or hurried. In fact, you might be a lot more productive with less time to waste. Note: in the future this might be the norm rather than the exception, so learn to practice getting it done quickly. Caution: don't forget to rest, and remember to vary your dynamics. Include pp! Your goal is not just to get it all covered, but to finish in good shape, ready for anything.

No music needed:
  • LTs w/dims
  • Interval slurs (pick random intervals/play slow, smooth, in tune)
  • Scales (2 octaves - M - m (nat/harm/mel) - soft to loud to soft, and vv
  • Chroms - polished, even, fast
  • Arps - 2 octaves - M - m - A - dim7
  • Flex. - arps leapfrogged (be able to start at the top)
  • TT
  • DT
(Do you ever do the above on your small horns?)

Music needed:
  • Etude fragments
  • Solo movement
  • Transposition
  • Excerpts

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Earl said...

Nice blog here - very interesting and informative. Your ideas and suggestions can really be appreciated and utilized by most music teachers out there. I agree with you when you emphasized this line: Your goal is not just to get it all covered, but to finish in good shape, ready for anything. It is true that practicing regularly is a good key; you have to get into all the details, from the least to the most important ones, making sure that you don't miss anything. So, whenever necessary the quality, accuracy and efficiency of its outcome. Thanks again for your passion and generosity in spreading the good news about music education. Please continue sharing your thoughts and experiences on using some creative music teaching resources that we can use today. Thanks again and more power. Happy holidays!