Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Get Blown Away!

We shouldn't be easily blown away. If we are frequently shocked and awed by great trumpet performances, something is wrong. Yes, we admire, respect and appreciate exciting trumpet events, but each one should not be a wake-up call. Quality is to be expected, not a surprise and not foreign to us.

When all we listen to is ourselves, we reduce expectations, lose inspiration and quickly become out of touch. Each time we hear an inspired performance it should quickly have an affect on our playing. Response: "I can do (some of) that. I get it, and can't wait to try it!" Osmosis should be happening daily. With all the listening tools and opportunities we have available to hear top level playing, there is no excuse for not improving at a very noticeable rate.

Great players are not on some other planet. We inhabit the same world. Our job is to connect with what they do and absorb how they do it. Improving is as much about the student's initiative as it is in the training by the teacher. Critical listening in generous daily dosages is key. If you're not getting better fast, you're getting blown away.

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Keith Fiala said...

I truly like what you have to say here... it's jam packed with common sense! All too often we get star struck with the "awe" from hearing someone. Then we immediately hold ourselves to unbelievable standards that we have yet to achieve.

Great work!

Keith Fiala