Monday, April 19, 2010

No More Mr. Nice Guy!

Weary of wimping out at auditions? "I was fine until I walked on stage." Or, "I was feeling great until I heard everyone else warming up." Or, "I started to crash at my first mistake." The problem was not nerves although they overpowered you. The problem was that you did not have something stronger. You were Roadrunner racing fast to cross the great chasm, only to sputter and plummet as soon as you looked down. Tired of hating when that happens? You need something that can overcome your fear. Try a healthy dose of anger!

Consider those heroic coaches who succeed by intimidation and scare tactics. Think of those famous for throwing chairs, punching out a Wolverine, or hurling first base into the outfield! Were they nice and smiley, meek and polite? I don't think so. We're not talking about throwing your horn against the wall, or lashing out at the conductor. Being out of control doesn't help anything, but a good amount of impassioned determination, might be the missing ingredient to your success.

Instead of walking on stage with a defensive mindset, try the opposite. Take control and perform. You must be a well-trained caged beast behind your mouthpiece. Forget the kind and gentle approach. Make sure you are ready to offer plenty of enthusiasm every time you play. Get angry at yourself and be committed to attacking each piece with appropriate drama regardless of the scenario.

Fiery coaching helps, but you must be both star and coach for the rest of your career. Get angry at your repeated stupid mistakes produced from cautious timid playing. Call a time-out, and yell at yourself. You need someone constantly in your face and on your case, and that someone will have to be you.


Unknown said...

Phil, you never yelled at me.

Phil Collins said...

Alright, you guys. The new me is coach K! Got it?