Wednesday, January 04, 2012

No Speed Limits!

Rushing is forbidden, but speeding is encouraged. Rushing disqualifies, but being able to play the trumpet at high speeds is a skill worth training for.

We've all been lectured to take it slow, break it down, and even play at half tempo. Fine and necessary. But how about also learning to handle the horn at great-neck speeds? Set the speedometer at way-fast and give it a go. Let's fly in the fast lane and bypass all of those poky old ladies and Sunday drivers.

Speed is a requirement in so many pieces. Why not put pedal to the floor and still see how much scenery you can observe? We're talking hyper-alertness, awesome facility, amazing sight-reading chops with the agility of a wild cheetah. Fill up for your trip at Starbucks, open wide those eyes, clean your windshield, scan the road ahead, and GO!

When it's time for the performance, you can easily slow down to normal speeds which will seem like a walk in the park by contrast. Push your speed ceiling in the practice room, and avoid the likelihood of crashing in concert.

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