Tuesday, August 07, 2012

CSO Pops Hero

                "The Hero" from The Babe
                     Cincinnati Pops Brass





MrClean said...

Beautiful opening solo, Phil. The rest of the piece is pretty cornball and derivative, but you sound absolutely great, as usual.

erick said...

i was playing "Happy Trails"('89) for my 4 yr old daughter the other day and on a # of ocassions, my jaw just dropped over your solos & a picc trpt moment in there. your the Man!

Phil Collins said...

Cornball was us! While you guys did Mahler and Strauss, we did movies and show tunes. We tried to do cornball like none other though. Szell was heard to have said, "if you're playing anyone other than Bach, Beethoven or Mozart, you have to try harder." We tried. :)