Friday, February 08, 2013

Sound Rules

What good is a very flashy line of music if the sound of most of the notes stinks?  If sound matters, why not try for the same sound quality as the solo in the opening of Pictures at an Exhibition?  Short notes should not get short-changed.  Sound rules.

#1. Play the first note of your passage with your best centered sound and sustain it for a full breath.

#2. Play the same note while fingering the notes of your passage on the lead pipe.

#3. Play that note once again but articulate the passage as one long note with many tongues.

#4. Now slur the passage maintaining your great tone.

#5. Next, play the passage with the correct pitches but with all long notes.

#6. Add some length to the short notes but keep the tone full.

#7. Gradually approach the correct tempo and articulations of your flashy passage with no loss of your full sound on every note.

Flashy is fine, but sound rules.

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