Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Playing the Dim Game

I was reminded again today of the arsenal of attack weapons we need as trumpeters. Not only are many required, but they must be fired usually in a split second. Here's one that is often overlooked: It's our old friend and/or nemesis, the dim! Can you name at least ten standard pieces that require this skill? It's the diminuendo to nothing. Fermata with decrescendo a niete. Hold it forever. Get as soft as you possibly can. Floating into the ethereal. Call it what you want, but it always appears in the trumpet part in one form or another!

Well, how about practicing this disappearing act until it becomes natural! Pick a note, any note, and hold it with a long dim. without changing pitch or losing quality. To cut down on long hours of aimless practice, try isolating these needed skills and running through the list each day. Practice these items often. It doesn't have to take a lot of time. Just do it!

Practice item #1 is the diminuendo. Play the dim game (with your trumpet).

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