Sunday, September 07, 2008

Expecting the Best

Have you heard about the new teacher who was expecting to teach the most advanced students in the school? What she was not told was that hers was to be a class of only average or below average students. They wanted to see what would happen.

"These kids will be great to teach," she thought. "I'll not have to deal with bad attitudes, discipline, and poor results. These students will be glad to be there and eager to learn. This will be the ideal teaching situation. The job will be as it should be - fun, challenging and rewarding."

That semester everything went exactly according to plan. The students were responding to the enthusiasm of their teacher, and enjoying the challenge. As much was being required, much was being accomplished. By the end of the semester the grades were as high as interest and morale.

How could only average students achieve above average results? The students had confidence in the teacher because the students knew that their teacher had confidence in them and demanded results.

We have heard that we only get out what we put in, but we often only put in when we expect to get something out. The best teachers accept the challenge of getting the best out of less than the best. They consistently invest their best without prejudging the response. Whether taking or giving lessons, success depends upon attitudes and expectations. In short, you get what you expect.

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