Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nachos or Machos?

What do Clark Kent and Fred Flintstone have in common? Did you know they were both trumpet players? Which appears to be the best? Hard to tell?

Physical conditioning alone doesn't determine musical excellence. It's true that there are many larger than life heralding heroes. And it often appears that bigger is better. Some would even boast that the success of big cheese trumpet machos is in all those huge helpings of cheese nachos!

With that said, an honest look at the demands of trumpet playing might lead us to another conclusion. Considering the athletic demands of our profession, it makes sense that training includes attention to the physical as well as the musical. Yes for sure, musical determination can trump physical obstacles, but why put even heavier demands on ourselves?

We spend big bucks for instruments and equipment, but do little to strengthen the player. Why not pay attention to more than fingers, lips, and tongues? With the goals of greater efficiency, endurance, and control, it makes sense to lighten our load to make the job as easy as possible.

Let's shed the baggage that holds us back, and prepare to run the race in great shape. Strengthen the messenger. SUPERMAN RULES!

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